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lør. 23. sep.


Bella Center, København

Mastership Series: Advanced Endodontics 2-Day Course, by AALZ & Sigmund Freud University

The most critical factors of an Endo treatment is cleaning, debridement and disinfection of the root canal. This is where lasers can represent the game-changer in your practice and save you a lot of time. This 2-day module of the Post-Grad Mastership Lasers in Dentistry Course is available now!

Mastership Series: Advanced Endodontics 2-Day Course, by AALZ & Sigmund Freud University
Mastership Series: Advanced Endodontics 2-Day Course, by AALZ & Sigmund Freud University

Time & Location

23. sep. 09.00 – 24. sep. 17.00

Bella Center, København, Center Blvd. 5, 2300 København, Denmark

About the event


You will receive the full course program

Become one of the pioneers of expert laser use in Endodontics. 

This advanced laser Endodontic course welcomes general dentists with a special interest in root canal treatments and/or endodontic specialists who would like to integrate the ultimate endodontic techniques supported by dental laser(s) in their daily practice. 

By using innovative therapy concepts, based on specific laser-tissue interactions, scientific and clinical findings, you will be able to boost your endodontic outcomes, overcoming the limitations and hazardous effects of conventional techniques.

Moreover, you will differentiate yourself while providing hig quality treatments based on breakthrough technological advancements and techniques.  

Create new business potentials and marketing strategies for your dental office by increasing and broadening your field of expertise. 

The 1-Day Laser Safety Officer (LSO) Certification provides the basic knowledge regarding biophysical interactions between several wavelengths and the main oral tissues, entitling you to be responsible for all safety regulations regarding Class IV medical lasers in your practice. The LSO certification course is a prerequisite before your first Mastership Module Course (therefore various in-person or online options are available, and an option for this Denmark event is available one week before the Endo Module as below).


Laser Safety Officer Course (1 Day Online)

Foundational certification course for those who have not yet completed the AALZ LSO Course

  • Saturday 23 September 2023, 9h00-17h00 
  • 1 ECTS
  • 400€ 
  • Lecturer: PD Dr. Rene Franzen, PhD, Germany, AALZ Scientific Director 

Lasers in Endodontics (2 Days, In-Person)

The clinical use of lasers in endodontic procedures, including indications, contraindications, and hands-on training.

  • Saturday 30 September 2023, 09h00-17h00 (In-Person in Copenhagen)
  • Sunday 1 October 2023, 09h00-17h00 (In-Person)
  • 2 ECTS
  • 1500€ 
  • Lecturer: Dr. Miguel Rodrigues Martins DDS, M.Sc., PhD
, Portugal - Netherlands, AALZ core lecturer


You will receive the full course program

Complete LSO + 4 Modules to achieve your Mastership

This Mastership Module Course can form part of the “Mastership Lasers in Dentistry” curriculum, provided by AALZ -via Sigmund Freud Vienna University. By completing the Laser Safety Officer Course (LSO) with any 4 Mastership Module Courses such as Lasers in Endodontics, Periodontics, Surgery, Implantology, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, Low-Level Laser Treatments and Facial Aesthetics, you will qualify for the final examination module at Vienna's Sigmund Freud University, to graduate with a Mastership in Laser Dentistry.

The ECTS accreditation for the “Mastership Lasers in Dentistry” is therefore:

• 1 ECTS for Laser Safety Officer (LSO)

• 4 x 2 ECTS for each selected module course

• 6 ECTS for the final examination module Total: 15 ECTS

You can complete as many modules as you'd like, anywhere in the world, with no time-limit. 

More course series dates are available at

As a Mastership Graduate you can choose to continue on to the 2.5-year module-based Master Professional (120ECTS) at Sigmund Freud Vienna University, where you will participate in deep, cutting-edge laser knowledge, produce laser-research project(s) and present it as a Master Thesis, graduating with an MSc University degree.    

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